Hey, check out new calendar for 2020 here:

no days off 2020

running | cycling | swimming | etc.

mark your every day
with activity!

Mark your active day as a black dot 
and make all dots black in 2019. 
Get free PDF with your poster. You can choose from two sizes:

PDF file content poster of No days off 2019 calendar prepared to print with crop marks.


IKEA RIBBA frame 500x700 mm
IKEA LOMVIKEN frame 500x700 mm

No days off calendar 2019 (let’s make all dots black) is absolutely free to download. 

Enjoy your activities!

If you will share your progress please use #letsmakealldotsblack. Thank you!

Calendar is made by bezimmetrzametrem_jhe & jhe.cz



Yes! I made it primary for me but I like to share it with you!

You will probably have to pay for printing the poster.

what i get ?

PDF file prepared for print with crop marks. You can print it at large format printers like plotters. Or you can print it in some printing/copy services.

what is the size of poster ?

You can choose from two sizes of poster. Standard A2 size is 420×594 mm in portrait layout or size of 500×700 mm which can be easily mount into IKEA frames.

What is #bezimmetrzametrem ?

It is hashtag that I use on my Instagram to cover my sport activities, primary trailrunning. It’s in Czech and it means something like “I run one meter after meter and again”.

contact ?

You can contact me at: nodaysoff@jhe.cz

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